Getting to know the Athletes

Canada Games Training Group

Every Monday a male and female athlete from our Canada Games Training Group will be featured in “Getting to know the Athletes”.

This week we learn more about Three Oak’s Cameron Paynter and Stonepark’s Brynn Essery.

Name: Cameron Paynter
Age: 16
Favourite Professional Athlete: Kevin Durant
Favourite Food: Nachos
Favourite Basketball Moment To Date: My first dunk in a game.
Interest Outside Of Basketball: Hanging out with friends, football, and snowboarding.
Favourite Subject In School: Carpentry
Favourite Quote: When you want to succeed as much as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful.
Career Ambitions: To play basketball/ football at a professional level, to become a Carpenter or Gym teacher.
Random Fact About Me: I’m allergic to cats.

Name: Brynn Essery
Age: 14
Favourite Professional Athlete: DeMar DeRozan
Favourite Food: Chicken fingers and fries
Favourite Basketball Moment to Date: Winning provincials with Stonepark two years in a row while making great friends.
Interest Outside of Basketball: Playing Softball
Favourite Subject in School: Science
Favourite Quote: Some people want it to happen. Some wish it could happen. Others Make it happen. Michael Jordan
Career Ambition: To be the first female head coach of the Toronto Raptors, or any NBA team.
Random Fact About Me: I enjoy going to the horse barn by my place in my spare time to clear my head.

Birchwood Basketball Camp

Basketball camps will be running again this year starting Saturday, April 2nd/2016 at 9am at Birchwood Intermediate School. Each session will be 1 hour and consist of fun drills and skills followed by a game. The camp will run for 8 consecutive weeks and finish on May 21st. The cost of the program will be $40 with limited space available. Early registration will be Saturday, March 5th (10am – 12 noon) at Birchwood Intermediate.

* Reminder to bring indoor sneakers and your basketball if you have one.

Camp 1 (9am-10am) – for ages 6, 7, 8 and 9 (Boys and Girls)

Camp 2 (10am-11am) – for ages 10, 11, 12 and 13 (Boys and Girls)

For further information, please contact Troy MacCallum at 902.940.3627

Minor Association Athletes Ages 8 to 13 Invited to NBA All-Star Clinics

All of Basketball PEI’s minor association athletes ages 8 to 13 are invited to participate in NBA All-Star Clinics running from January 7th to January 10th in Charlottetown. Come and train with NBA legend Jerome “Junk Yard Dog” Williams. There is no cost associated with the clinics. Please note that all sessions will be capped at 80 participants. Registration will be happening on site for each clinic.

Thursday January 7th (6:30pm-7:30pm)

Location: Birchwood Intermediate Time: 6:30-7:30pm Participants: Ages 8-13 (80 spots reserved)

Friday January 8th (6:00pm to 7:00pm)

Location: UPEI Chi Wan Young Sports Complex Clinic Time: 6:00pm-7:00pm Participants: Ages 8-13 (80 spots reserved)

Sunday January 10th (10:30am-11:30am)

Location: Colonel Gray High School Clinic Time: 10:30am-11:30am Participants: Ages 8-13 (80 Spots Reserved)

Men’s Canada Games Training Squad Announced

The Men’s Canada Games coaching staff would like to announce and congratulate the 27 boys that have been selected to continue training with the potential to represent PEI at the 2017 Canada Games. We thank all those athletes that attended the training squad tryouts. Below is the list of athletes selected to the training squad:

Isaac Cheverie
Matt Connolly
Ryan Thompson
Neil Kelley
Logan Cameron
Louis Monoghan
Zach Wall
Will Vidito
Ian Kerr
Thomas Hogan
Cameron Paynter
Josh Bourque
Joe Thomson
Parker Roache
Elon Wilkie
Jon Alex Vos
Kaden Kielly
Ben MacDougall
Logan MacCallum
Bailey Clark
Adam Ryan
Ilan Shvartsman
Yahya Sefau
Jesse Fleming
Tyson Monoghan
Yousef Sefau
John Loppie

Women’s Canada Games Training Squad Announced

The Women’s Canada Games coaching staff would like to announce and congratulate the 23 young women that have been selected to continue training with the potential to represent PEI at the 2017 Canada Games. This group of athletes will train together until the spring of 2016 at which point, athletes from this training group will be selected to make up the 2016 U17 Provincial Team. In April 2016 Basketball PEI will be hosting a separate tryout for the u15 Provincial Team. Athletes do not need to be a part of this training squad to try out for the u15 team. The call for u15 Head Coaches will be released Wednesday October 28th. The 23 athletes selected to the training group will then reconvene in October 2016 to continue training and move forward in the selection process for the Women’s Canada Games team. We thank all those athletes that attended the training squad tryouts. Below is the list of athletes selected to the training squad:

Allie McCabe
Ashley Plaggenhoef
Brynn Essery
Devon Lawlor
Francis Alvarez
Gemma Shea
Haley Cole
Helena Vos
Hillary Maclean
Jillian Woods
Julia Freeburn
Lauren Lilly
Lauren Reid
Lexi MacInnis
Maddy Mckinnon
Nikki Arsenault
Rylee Connolly
Sam Silliphant
Sam Strain
Sarah LeClair
Sydney Strain
Sydney Whitlock
Taylor MacDonald

Basketball PEI is the sport governing body for basketball in the Province of Prince Edward Island. The organization is a not-for-profit association. Basketball PEI represents Prince Edward Island’s amateur basketball interests. The membership is made up of athletes, coaches, officials, members clubs, minor basketball associations, leagues and basketball supporters.

Our Mission:

To lead a unified basketball community to engage all our athletes and coaches in quality experiences.

Our Values:

Basketball PEI believes that the sport experience makes a significant contribution to the physical, intellectual, personal, and social development of its athletes and coaches. We believe that the conduct as an organization is guided by:

Board of Directors

Executive Committee

President: Peter Murray
Vice President: Brian Chambers
Secretary: Peter Lawlor
Staff Executive Director: Katie Hamilton

Board Members

Past President: Vacant
Minor Basketball Council Rep: Rudi Terstege
PEIBOA Representative: Todd MacInnis
BCAPEI Representative: Tim Kendrick

Members at Large:
Kathy Murray
Shayne Connolly
Jay Hammer