Mini Rules of Play

Mini Rules of Play
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In Prince Edward Island, mini basketball will follow BPEI-modified FIBA rules, with these exceptions:

  1. Games shall be played in 4-on-4


  1. The basketball rim is 10 ft. (05m) from the floor.


  1. The foul line is 13 ft. (4m) from the backboard.


  1. The size 5 mini basketball is used.


  1. Games consist of 10 segments, each of which is 3:30 minutes long. Segments 1 thru 5 constitute the first half of the game, while segments 6 thru 10 constitute the second half. Stop time is played.


  1. Teams are encouraged to have a minimum of 10 players on their team. Teams are required have a minimum of 8 players on their rosters to play games and must play all players in attendance in each game, except for reason of illness, injury or discipline.


  1. Penalty situation begins on a team’s 8th foul of the half; the opposing team shall be in a bonus situation for the remainder of the half, shooting 2 foul shots on the 8th and each subsequent team foul, with the exception of offensive and team control fouls.


  1. There is an interval of 5 minutes between the 5th and 6th segments (halftime) and an interval of 30 seconds between all other regulation segments.


  1. Overtime periods shall be 3:30 minutes in duration (stop time). There will be a 2-minute interval before the first overtime period and a 1-minute interval before all other overtime periods.


  1. The game begins with a jump ball. The next held ball situation will be awarded at the nearest point to the team that did not gain possession from the jump ball. For the remainder of the game, held ball situations will continue to be awarded alternately out of bounds. A “center check” may be held at the beginning of each segment.


  1. No player may participate in more than one (1) segment more than his/her teammates in the same game.


  1. When a player enters a game segment, that player receives a “floor time check mark”.


  1. Players may ONLY be removed (subbed out) of a segment for reasons such as illness, injury, discipline or foul trouble. A player who has been removed from a segment may re-enter the SAME segment. This player will be considered to have participated in ONE segment, and will receive no additional “floor time check mark” for the re-entry. The player who was subbed into the game will also receive a floor time check mark. There are no playing time or substitution restrictions during overtime periods.
  2. All players, except those fouled out or disqualified, are eligible to play in overtime periods.

Rules of Mini Basketball


  1. There is NO three point field goal.


  1. Ball screening is NOT permitted. Screens that are off the ball as well as dribble weaves/handoffs shall be permitted.


  1. Double-teaming an offensive player without the ball is NOT permitted, both while inbounding the ball and while the ball is in play. Double teaming the ball is permitted (unless the team doubling has a 15+ point lead).


  1. Zone defenses of any kind are NOT permitted (including “in the key”, half-court, and full-court zone presses). In the half-court, this is an “in the key” call, intended to prevent a player (or players) from “plugging up the key”, and guarding the basket rather than a player.
    1. Help side defense should be taught on the “helpline” (middle of the floor). A defensive 3-in-the-key rule will be implemented to prevent a player from remaining in the key too long, thus playing a zone defense. The player must exit the key before violating the 3 second rule, and must exit to the same side as their check.Violation of the Defensive 3-Second rule will result in 1 free throw for the offensive team and the ball back. Multiple violations of the defensive 3-in-the-key rule will result in a technical foul and the offense will get awarded a free throw attempt and the ball back. If a player on offense moves to another position on the floor, the defender should alter their defensive position relative to where the ball is located.


  1. Proximity Rule – A defender guarding the ball must be within one (1) meter of the ball handler once the ball is across the half court line.


  1. When a team has established a 15 point lead, no full court defense or double teaming is permitted. Once the trailing team has clear possession of the ball, the other team must retreat to centre court to play defense.


NOTE:  Violations of Rules 16, 17, 18 and 19 will be called at the DISCRETION OF THE OFFICIALS, who will consider the intent involved when making the call.  A warning will be issued for a team’s first violation in the game. All subsequent violations will be treated as follows:


  1. a) Offensive Violation (i.e., ball screening): An offensive violation of these rules (i.e., ball screening) will result in a turnover and the possession will be given to the defending team.
  2. b) Defensive Violation (i.e., defensive 3-in-the-key, zone, pressing/double teaming when up 15+): If the possession of the ball changes due to a defensive violation (i.e., defensive 3-in-the-key, zone, pressing/double teaming when up 15+) the play will be called and the ball will be returned to the offensive team.
  3. c) Teams who are frequently and deliberately in violation of these rules will be penalized by awarding a technical foul to the coach.


  1. The 30 second rule will be in effect during the last shift of the game and all overtime periods. The table officials (or game officials) will be responsible for the 30 second rule time count.


  1. A team shall have 10 seconds to move the ball to the front court.


  1. It is recommended that a team shall play no more than 30 games in a single season. Game play may begin in October and ends at the conclusion of the Basketball PEI Provincial Championships.


NOTE: Teams will be monitored throughout the season via game reporting and communication with associations. Teams are expected to respect and adhere to the spirit of fair, ethical play. Any actions or behaviour deemed unfair or unethical will be reviewed by BPEI and may be subject to disciplinary action.