Sports Insurance

Sports Insurance

Since 1990 it has been mandatory that all Full members of Sport PEI have insurance coverage. Thus, Sport PEI offers its member organizations a comprehensive and affordable accident and liability insurance package.

Members wishing to opt into this insurance policy may do so by contacting the office. In some cases, an application for insurance may be required. The insurance policy is in effect from May 1 of a year to April 30 of the following year.

Each member organization designates who will be insured under their portion of the policy, i.e. athletes, coaches, officials, volunteers, and under what circumstances they will be covered.

The insurance premium is based on the number of individuals insured and may vary from sport to sport depending on the claims history of the organization and associated risks.

Sport PEI Liability and Accident Insurance Program:

Policy Holder:  Sport PEI Inc.

Insurance Broker: BFL Canada Risk and Insurance Inc.

Agent: Terry McRae

Insurance Company: Everest Insurance through Premiere Underwriting Services


Insurance Coverage:

Commercial General Liability Insurance

Directors & Officers Liability Insurance

Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance

Procedure for Processing Claims:

STEP ONE: The CLAIM FORM MUST be completed and sent to Sport PEI within 30 DAYS of the accident. This form MUST be signed by the Provincial representative of your organization.

BFL Claim Notification Form (PDF)
BFL Claim Notification Form (PDF Fillable)

BFL Claim Notification Form Francais (PDF)
BFL Claim Notification Francais (PDF Fillable)

It is the responsibility of the claimant to complete the claim form and have it authorized by the appropriate individual within the provincial sport association.

All claim forms that are not appropriately authorized will be rejected.

STEP TWO: A ‘Physician’s Statement Form’ will need to be completed by the doctor who assesses the injured person.

BFL Attending Physician’s Statement (PDF)
BFL Attending Physician’s Statement (PDF Fillable)

BFL Attending Physician’s Statement Francais (PDF)
BFL Attending Physician’s Statement Francais (PDF Fillable)

This form must be mailed to BFL Canada.

To be reimbursed for medical costs, both the Claim notification form and the Physician’s statement along with original receipts must be submitted to BFL Canada by mail at the following address:

BFL Canada Inc.
2001 McGill College, Suite 2200
Montreal, QB
H3A 1G1
Tel (514) 843-3632

Fax (514) 843-8280